Will Li 1st Time Home Buyer in 2016 in Santa Clara

I'm extremely grateful to have Rowena as my real estate agent. She has done an incredible
job throughout the entire process. I met Rowena at an open house at San Jose in April,
she was super nice to me and offered help on assisting me look for a property that suited
my needs. Since then she has been discovering new places for me to check out and adjust
the searching criteria accordingly as my needs changed. She has been nothing but patient
and supportive to me. In the end, she helped me secure a unit that I love. She has demonstrated
her professionalism as well as efficiency throughout the entire process, not to mention
it was super fun and stress free to work with her.

Prassana Vengadam Buyers in San Jose, 2015

Rowena is very thorough and extremely relationship oriented agent. We were new to California and she took the time to meet with me first to understand our needs and to go over the home buying process. She gave us a questionnaire that really helped us narrow our needs and give her important things we were looking for.
Rowena was so organized in setting up appointments for us to see homes, providing us details about the homes, and the taking the time to go give us an idea of the neighborhoods. She patiently drove us around to several homes. She is so good at connecting with seller’s agents and we so appreciated how much she cares on our behalf to the seller’s agent. She allowed us to make our own decisions regarding the homes and yet gave crucial input on how much renovation work may be needed, list price, and resale values.
We started off looking for a home in Fremont and ended up buying in San Jose. She convinced us to find a home that fits with our lifestyle – our friends, our place of worship, etc. She drove me around to show Indian grocery stores, shopping centers, highways, etc. We love our home and feel we got a good home for a good price. Rowena has excellent skills in working with different agents and her friendly nature helped us in getting this home. She worked with the seller’s agent and helped us close this deal.
Rowena also directed us to a lender for our loan and they were excellent to work with.
Rowena is a gem of a person who truly cares for her clients and goes all the way to make sure our home buying experience is superb and that we get a good home. We’ll happily refer her to anyone who’s looking to buy a home.
Rowena is so professional, caring, proactive, and now a good friend. We’re so thankful to Rowena to have helped us settle down in California and we look forward to wonderful years ahead. Thank you, Rowena!

Joanne Leung & Winston Gor April 2014

We highly recommend anyone who's looking to buy or sell to work with Rowena Wong. Rowena is diligent, courteous, experienced, and knowledgeable about all the details of buying and selling a property. She goes above and beyond her call of duty when working with her clients, ensuring they are well-taken care of -- even after the transaction is complete. We have been working with Rowena since 2009 when we purchased our first property. Back then, we were new to the area and first-time home buyers, but despite this, Rowena made us feel at ease about the entire buying process. Fast-forward to 2013: it was time to sell the condo and purchase a single-family house. Rowena helped us navigate through the craziness of the market by taking great care to guide us on every detail of the transactions. In the end, we purchased our dream house in Mountain View and sold our Los Altos condo in 6 days!

Jeff Ha & Toiny Ha - First-Time Home Buyers in Milpitas 2009 Sellers in 2012

Working with Rowena was a pleasure. Rowena was more of a friend than a real estate agent and remains a family friend today. She spent the time to really understand our needs and priorities and identified homes that best matched our profile. Throughout the whole process, I never felt pressured into a contract. Rowena was very flexible with her time to meet our schedules and even helped entertaining and holding our young daughter while we got a better look at the homes. We ultimately found a great home in a great location for my family. I would definitely recommend Rowena to find you the right home for you and family.” We ultimately found a great home in a great location for my family. I would definitely recommend Rowena to find you the right home for you and family.

Mr. Xuebin Li Buyer in Sunnyvale May 2012

My family worked with Rowena to purchase our first home in May, 2012. We are deeply impressed by her knowledgeable, her commitment, and her friendliness. We highly recommend her for house buyers. Buying a home is about money as well as working as a team. Rowena is a great team player. We won the bidding war even our package was the runner-up among all the ten offers. This is due to her timeless efforts in working with us, the listing agent, and the mortgage broker. The sellers selected our offer because they liked our package, our letter to the sellers, and the good communication between the listing agent and Rowena. The sellers had the assurance that we were serious and nice buyers. The listing agent had the assurance that Rowena would work with us closely to find the right lender and close the deal. Looking back the entire process, we were overwhelmed by uncertainty, tight budget, and the pressure of bidding wars. Combining all these factors with our strong love for the targeted house, we were filled with stress and irrationality. Our mutual trust was first established when we called Rowena to be our buyers’ agent. She was holding an open house at another location. Knowing we were running out of time, she managed to drive to our targeted house before it closed its open session and talked to the listing agent. That was the kickoff our purchasing process. Throughout the entire purchasing session, Rowena kept reminding us not to overpay and not to get emotional. These conversations helped us stay calm and make the right choices. She also had timely communication with our mortgage broker to apply to two lenders in order to get a mortgage plan that would reduce our pressure on cash flow. In the entire month of May, we exchanged more than hundred emails and numerous phone calls. She always answered our questions timely and usually within a few hours. Once we curiously asked Rowena how she managed to handle all these. She told us she chooses not to work with many customers at the same time in order to stay focused and provide quality service. Rowena helped us smoothly transfer to the home decoration stage. On the closing date, we would have been stood puzzled in front of the house with the key in hand and did not know what to do next after a hectic month. Rowena has been a real estate agent for seven years and has good referral for painters, handymen, and plumbers. We chose the painter Rowena referred and are happy with him. In the first few days, we rushed to Kelly-Moore Paint store and picked up the color. Since we lived in unanimous white-wall apartments for years, we were not sure about using Tan color, and felt it might be too rosy for us. We called the painter to change the color. The painter asked us to pick up another color from Kelly-Moore. We were upset since we chose the best quality paints and were not sure about the return policy. The painter said he would finish one room right away and suggested us to take a look at the room that night and the next morning. Then we decided whether to change the color. Meanwhile he called Rowena. Knowing this would put more pressure on our tight budget and delay the painting project, she stopped in the middle of her workout at a gym and rushed to our house. We were happily surprised by her unnoticed visit. Rowena listened to our concern and told us the current trend in wall colors. We felt relieved and decided to postpone the decision until the next day. It turned out we are comfortable with the color when looking at the whole room. Problem solved! Money Saved! Relationship! Relationship! Relationship! Rowena said it is all about mutual trust and respect. Once these two elements are there, she always does a thorough and committed job; and things will work out at the right time. Her excellent service stands the test of our buying experience!

Sujatha and Srinivasan Krishnaswami Sellers in Cupertino Buyers in Santa Clara 2011

In the last 9 years that I have been friends with Rowena Wong, I never realized that she is one of the best realtors in Silicon Valley. Early this year I mentioned to Rowena that we were considering selling our house. I soon discovered that she is a very knowledgeable, systematic and thorough agent who pays attention to every single detail. She was incredibly patient when I told her that I was unsure of mixing business and friendship -- she did not pressure me. She just assured me that it would be alright. When my husband and I finally made the decision, she got started on the process right away. Rowena outlined an action plan for our approval, identified the optimal time to put the house on the market, and working back from that, made a time table for when things needed to get done. When Rowena made recommendations, she was understanding of our viewpoint and at the same time did not hesitate to speak her mind when she needed to. No job is too small or too big for Rowena. She had no problems pitching-in and helping us with everything, including packing our stuff. Rowena took the initiative to get estimates from several contractors for each job so that we received the best possible deal and also made sure that the job got done. While she was helping us get the house ready for sale, she was also keeping up to date with current market trend and values, networking and coming up with marketing strategies. Once the house came on the market, she told us to sit back and be patient. She listened to what the prospective buyers had to say at the open houses and made changes. She helped us to negotiate a fair market price for our home and was there every step of the way till we sold the house and handed over the keys. Rowena also helped us to look for a new home. First, she identified our important criteria for a new home. Then she had us prequalified, so that we could make a strong offer. Rowena prescreened many homes before she took us to see them. Patiently and tirelessly, she took us to see home after home till we found the right one. She helped us to make an offer and we were in the process of negotiating the offer, when we had to withdraw for reasons beyond anyone’s control. My husband and I have worked with many other realtors before, but we would not be exaggerating in saying that Rowena is one of a kind. She does not take on more than a few clients at a time and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. We were fortunate that Rowena, my friend, was our realtor, and sincerely believe that anyone who chooses Rowena will be glad they did. We would definitely be willing to talk to anyone who has questions about our real estate experience with Rowena Wong.

Hazella Bowmani - First-Time Home Buyer in Santa Clara 2010

Rowena is one of the most thoughtful, thorough, and accommodating realtors that anyone could wish for. Right at the beginning, she took the time to really learn what I wanted and needed in a home and showed me properties that fit my expectations and budget. She was very flexible working around my schedule and though I suspect there was a lot of reorganizing of her own schedule, she never let on that it was an inconvenience. When I finally found a place I liked, Rowena worked extremely hard to get my documents ready in a timely manner while still giving me ample time to review everything. The seller and his agent did not always have the right materials or signatures, but Rowena diligently resolved all shortcomings in the paperwork. Rowena cared for me, not simply as a client, but as a friend; on the day I got my keys, she stopped by to congratulate me and bring cleaning supplies and some snacks. She still keeps in contact with me and checks in on how I'm settling in—even offering me plants to landscape my new home. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rowena.

Kevin Camilleri - First-Time Home Buyer in Campbell 2010

Rowena Wong possesses many attributes that make her a successful Real Estate Agent. Among this list of attributes, I most appreciated her patience and perseverance. She listened intensely to what I wanted in a house, and she strategically tailored a plan to help me find it. Our open house visits helped me better understand my own requirements. After patiently showing me properties, I had discovered that my needs and desires had evolved. Rowena was very understanding of my indecisiveness and was patient enough to help me through it. When the time came to purchase my home, she persevered through tough negotiations and simplified the stacks of paperwork required. Rowena understood that for me, buying a home was not only an emotional process, but a considerable financial undertaking. I closed ahead of schedule and under budget. I couldn’t be happier in my new home and owe it all to Rowena. I refuse to work with anybody other than Rowena Wong when it comes to my Real Estate investments, and recommend that you do the same.

Libby Alcaide - Seller in Cupertino Buyer in Campbell 2010

The service and personal attention I received from Rowena Wong was exceptional. She was very instrumental in coordinating the repairs/staging even before the house was listed in the market. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Rowena is professional in everything she does, very patient, and went above and beyond in helping me. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Rowena to help you in this life-changing move. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide me through the process. She truly has the customer's best interest at heart from the moment you meet until the job is done! Furthermore, Rowena is a lot of fun to work with.